Step 1 - choose what you would like to order


 Giant 14" cupcake

from £20

This massive cupcake is very unique and trendy. It can be used for all occasions and can have a filling inside if desired or maybe a special surprise?

Flavours are vanilla or chocolate - or ask for your favourite flaouring, be creative !!!

Giant 9" Square, 11" Round 

Cookies or Brownies


These cookies come in vanilla, chocolate chip and triple chocolate chip flavours. 

Brownies are most and soft. 

Decorate with icing for personalization.

Any message done by request.

Giant 8" Donut Cake

from £15

These newly desinged cakes shaped like a donut are excellent for something different.

With or without filling this can easily feed a hungry crowd and a party must have.


from £1

Order individual or boxed with any creation - filled or unfilled with icing any decoration including edible glitter and spray!

Step 2 - choose flavours

vanilla, chocolate etc ...


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Step 3 - choose decoration

personalised message and or haribos, dolly mixtures, skittles, marshmallows, chocolate  ....  tell us how you want it decorated